European Union Law for International Business

Patrick Warto hält vom 17. - 26. Juli 2013 an der Universität Salzburg die Lehrveranstaltung "European Union Law for International Business" im Auftrag der kalifornischen McGeorge School of Law ab. Weitere Kurse werden ua von den beiden Höchstrichtern des US Supreme Courts, Anthony Kennedy und Elena Kagan angeboten. 15 Salzburger Studierende sind eingeladen, kostenfrei am Programm teilzunehmen. Die Voraussetzungen werden über PlusOnline bekanntgegeben.




This course provides a general introduction to EU law, in the context of how businesses typically enter the EU market. The course concentrates on key matters that international business partners will face entering the EU market and the discussion will focus on selling goods to an EU buyer, e-commerce activities aiming at the EU market, sales via an EU representative, entering the EU market via franchising arrangements, establishing a permanent presence in the EU, and related matters. This is a problem based course and students will work collaboratively to resolve challenging case studies.


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Vortrag Chennai 7. 2. 2020

Am 7. Februar 2020 fand in Chennai (Indien) die „International Conference on Competition Law and Intellectual Property in the Age of Platforms and New Technology“ statt. Anwesend waren auch Mitglieder der Indischen Wettbewerbsbehörde (Competition Commission of India). Patrick Warto hielt den Vortrag „The EU Platform to Business Regulation – A sufficient attempt to deal with the challenges raised by platforms in the digital age?“. 
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Vortrag Sacramento 6. 4. 2019

Am 6. April 2019 hielt Patrick Warto im Rahmen der Tagung „Changing Regulation of Pharmaceuticals: Issues in Pricing, Intellectual Property, Trade and Ethics“ den Vortrag „Pay for delay deals and the prohibition of repayment of contributions“.
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Lehrveranstaltung an der McGeorge School of Law in Kalifornien

Vom 16. - 28. August 2018 hielt Patrick Warto an der McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento/Kalifornien die Lehrveranstaltung „Hot Topics in European and International Company Law“.
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Vortrag Kalifornien 22. 8. 2018

Am 22. August 2018 hielt Patrick Warto an der McGeorge School of Law den Vortrag „Recent developments in legal didactics“. 

Vortrag Chennai 8. 2. 2018

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